Our role is to provide high quality entrepreneurship and small business management consulting services to our clients who range from women entrepreneurs to private sector, government and nongovernmental organisations and business associations.

Our commitment is to adopt ‘best practice’ in delivering innovative and flexible outcomes and deliverables for our clients. It is also to provide leadership and services that will improve the quality of our target beneficiaries businesses. We   strive at all times to meet our clients’ needs with exceptional interpersonal skills.

Our value proposition is to be an effective, professional, growing and vibrant, international consultancy firm offering a ‘can do’ attitude in assisting its clients with their needs.

Our Vision –  is a recognized, highly respected entrepreneurship and small business development firm catering particularly to the needs of female entrepreneurs and is sought after nationally and internationally, in selected markets.

Our Mission – is an entrepreneurship and small business development consultancy with women’s empowerment and achieving gender equality permeating our policies and programmes. We focus on establishing valued relationships and partnerships with our clients to assist them in achieving their business development goals.  We improve organizational effectiveness and efficiency in the work we undertake with our clients.

Our Goals & Plans are to develop a leading Ghanaian consultancy for women recognized for the quality of our people and services we provide. We plan to grow over the next few years to a strategic size that offers our clients the highest quality service they desire. As part of the plan we are committed to ensuring the work environment is a happy, collaborative, and successful one in which all of our team members are able to confidently deliver  value to our client’s needs.